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Emotional Age: What Is It?

Most of us have heard about Biological Age. It is a scientific concept that measures how well, or badly, your body is functioning relative to your Chronological Age. For example, you may be sixty years old but you’ve eaten well, exercised, drank plenty of clean water, minimized stress and so on. Your body might be functioning as well as someone twenty years younger than you as a result of your self-care. We’ve also heard stories about thirty-year-olds who have lived too hard and recklessly, leaving themselves with bodies and hearts that bear extra decades’ worth of scars. Emotional Age is a similar concept to Biological Age, but rather than predicting how young or old our physical bodies are, Emotional Age helps us understand how empowered or disempowered we are emotionally. It helps explain how we’ve been communicating, compromising, socializing, and interacting with others.

Understanding Emotional Archetypes

Within our personalities, we all have an emotional triad—Parent, Child and Adult. For women, that translates into the Mother, the Daughter and the Woman. Emotional Age expert Crystal Andrus Morissette explains the importance of identifying where and how these three dominant emotional archetypes play out in our lives.

Women Rising

For thousands of years, culture and religion have disempowered women, taking their rights and their dignity. Now, women are reclaiming their power and owning their wholeness. Personal transformation expert and founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) Crystal Andrus Morissette discusses the rise of female power on the global stage and the effects it is having.

The Empowerment Spectrum of Communication

Is your communication style empowering you to live life to the fullest or is it limiting you? Emotional Age expert Crystal Andrus Morissette reveals the Empowerment Spectrum of communication styles and explains how it affects our life experience.

How Emotional Age Shows Up In Love

Are you acting the part of a balanced, whole, actualized adult in your relationship, or are you playing the part of a child or a parent? Learn how to recognize your Emotional Age in love.

Empowered Parenting

What archetype are you parenting from? Are you bringing unhealthy baggage from your past into your role as a parent? Here’s how to identify your Emotional Age in parenting and move towards a healthier parent-child relationship.

Loving Yourself: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Are you carrying around old wounds from the past that still define how you feel about yourself in the present? What would happen if you could learn how to accept and perhaps even love those wounded parts of you? Love yourself fat. Love yourself sad. Love yourself scared. Love yourself afraid. Healthy self-love can heal your life.

Befriending Your Inner Critic

We’ve all dealt with that voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough — that we’re too fat, too thin, too this, too that. What would happen if you became BFFs with your inner critic?

Is Your Emotional Age Controlling Your Life? Here's How to Change It.

The martyr, the temptress, the matriarch, the sucky-baby: these are some of the most common Emotional Age archetypes. Maybe there are even some specific people that come to mind when hearing these labels. Best-selling author Crystal Andrus Morissette has brilliantly broken these down into three core Emotional Age archetypes: Daughter Energy, Mother Energy, and Woman Energy. Many women are surprised to find that chronological age has little to do with how they are showing up. Crystal shares tips for learning what Emotional Age you’re currently showing up in and how you can start to heal, learn to communicate, and become your most empowered self.

How to Stop

Whether it’s their marriage, friendships, or a brand-new fling, every woman wants to show up as her greatest and most empowered self in her relationships. What many women don’t realize, though, is their Emotional Age plays a huge part in every aspect of those relationships. Those who find themselves attracting partners they always seem to be taking care of, not feeling valued or respected, feeling like their partner is one of their kids, or always picking up the check at dinner with friends will benefit from Crystal's empowering tips. She helps women transition from Mother Energy to Woman Energy and take their power (and their sexy) back.

Peaceful or Passive? There's a Big Difference.

Many people believe they are peaceful. They do all they can to try and "keep the peace." Maybe that means not speaking their mind to avoid confrontation, even though they’re unhappy with a situation. Maybe that means putting others' needs before their own, or maybe not even letting their own needs be heard, all in an effort to "keep the peace." Unfortunately, they may be showing up as the opposite of peaceful: passive. Crystal Andrus Morissette uses her Empowerment Spectrum to differentiate between these two very opposite ways of being and help people become truly at peace in their lives.
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